LIVA Business Development is an independent management consulting company that advises and coaches client's in the private and public sector.

Our primary areas of competence are Leadership, Information Technology, Value Business Development and Analyzes in selected areas.


Our collaboration philosophy is to work interactively with the client and at client's resident as this includes:

  • Provides an understanding of the client's culture, business and environment
  • Ensures that questions of doubt can be clarified immediately
  • Ensures that the client can follow and be involved actively in the process from start to finish and thus visibility for the client
  • Ensures the best possible transfer and hereby anchoring of the results in the client's organization.


  • Credibility & Reliability

  • Impartial

  • Competent & Qualified

  • Readyness for change
  • Quality


The actual process delivering services and coaching to our client's of course depends of the charactor of the actual challange and project at the client.

This varies from a very simple process with a few steps and phases to a more structured and controlled process including more steps with clear factors of succes for each phase before entering into the next fase.

An illustration of a generic structured and controlled process appear below.


Analyse & Understand

Analysis organisation and processes at client and hereby achieve a clear picture and  understanding of the business, culture and delivery process. 

Implementation & Anchoring

Implementation of the solution and securing proper anchoring in client's organisation and processes e.g. by education of client's employees.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Interaction with Customer

Identify challenges at client and achieve a common understanding of issues to be solved. Define content of project including tasks and make a description with clear results and split of responsibility - PID.

Design & Development

Solution is designed and developed in close
co-operation with and participation of the client according to description.


Theoretic Background

  • Aarhus University Denmark: Candidate in Organisation & Business Development
  • Copenhagen Business School: IT assistant in planning and programming
  • Autorised in Mayers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Working Expierence

  • Silkeborg Datacentral: CEO, VP, Teamlead, Project Manager etc. 1978-1995
  • PA Consulting Group: Managing Consultant 1995-2004: Strategic Sales, IT-outsourcing, IT-contracts, IT-organizations and IT-strategy
  • LIVA Business Development: Owner and management consultant since 2004
  • B4Restore: COO and Strategic Director - 2010-2018: IT Contract Management including negotiation with customers and vendors. IT processes and procedures. ISO 27001 certification. GDPR. Respond on RFI and RFP from potential customers. Security Officer.

Bent Andersen

Management Consultant

Experienced management consul-tant and owner with a demonstra-ted successful history of working in the management consulting industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in IT Sourcing, Contract Management, IT Security Policies and Procedures, ISO27001 Certification, GDPR, Business Pro-cess, Business Development, Busi-ness Process Improvement, Strate-gy, IT-organization, Project and Portfolio Management and IT Service Management (ITIL).